The cold spell brought a few additions to the local ponds, along with the 50 roosting Mallards there was a female mandarin and two large domestic breed ducks (don’t know what type) – they were duly christened ‘Giant Acorn ‘ and ‘Oak’ by the children. The occasional teal was seen in the cold spell and up to four snipe on the top pond and back field.  Small flocks of Bulfinch were seen regularly (which are incredibly the most common finch around here) and small numbers of siskin and goldfinch feeding on the alder.

Still no sign of any Water Voles though, Mervyn from the Devon Water Vole Project did say they would be quiet in the Winter but we haven’t seen a single sign since their release in September. Fortunately though there has been no sign of mink either and we’ve been checking the raft most days.

(The floating raft consists of a clay pad with a wooden tunnel over the top. If an animal walks through the tunnel it leaves a perfect set of prints behind. Having illustrated a tracks guide for the Water Vole Project I  can now have a good guess at what made what.)

Otter Tracks