With New Year fast approaching I have decided to act on my resolution to update my blog more regularly. Since my last post in November I have been very busy.

I have completed a new mural for the Axe Estuary Wetlands (see below), it is not been put up yet, but it will be in the new year. It is an underwater scene of the wildlife of the estuary, lots of fish drawings etc, I can now tell a Sea Trout from a Salmon! It also shows some wildlife above the waterline as well, particularly pleased with the Osprey.

During the last month or so I have also been working on a fund raising interpretation panel for the Exe Estuary Partnership, below are some of the illustrations from this brief.

I have just finished my first oil painting, it’s a straight forward portrait of a Tawny Owl, but I thought it would be a good piece to see how I got on with using a new medium. I really enjoyed the extra drying time that the oils allowed, especially compared to acrylic, and with the use of Liquin I was still able to use the same technique of building up in layers of washes. Spurred on by this I am now underway with a more complex painting of a Greenshank.

Decembers East Devon Coast & Country Magazine is now out, and I have written a double page spread about wildlife in Winter.

I have been asked to join a new website  for wildlife artists, http://www.animalegend.com and I am now exhibiting work through whitepeaks fine art as well.

Just got the book through for this years Artists for Conservation exhibition, I have got two pieces in the book, both have printed well and again the standard in the book is incredibly high!

I have been booked in to do some more art classes at the Axe Estuary Wetlands in June and I am contemplating running a few courses of my own as there seems to be a lot of interest.