I have had a very busy start to the year, lots of illustration work, quite a few talks and demos plus a few new paintings.

I have had a spring article published in East Devon Coast and Country and from May I will be writing for a South Devon version of the magazine as well.


I have drawn a new mandala pattern, this is made up of British duck species.



Just finished an interpretation board for Sidmouth’s Peaslands Knapp Meadow.



New illustration for the Axe Estuary Wetlands.


Finally finished my Greenshank on Driftwood oil painting, really pleased with the extra light that the oil paints seem to give. Prints should be available soon.


Nearly finished an acrylic painting of a Red Kite being mobbed by some crows. Tried to test myself with this painting, it was the first time I had painted movement of the wing tips. Also worked for a long time on the composition, the wings of the Kite are off the edge of the image, hopefully giving it a sense of movement, as well I have tried to balance up the dark and light areas of the painting. It’s quite a large piece with the Kite being about life size!




I have eventually sorted out some dates for holding classes at my studio, they will be on Friday 4th May and Friday 31st August. There will only be a couple of places for each class so please contact me if you are interested.  I will also be holding classes at the Axe Estuary again this summer, they are on Friday 29th June and Friday 13th July, they are for the morning only and can be booked through East Devon District Council.