I have been incredibly busy with illustration work recently, which has meant less time to work on my paintings. Although below is my latest piece, as yet untitled! Its based on the golden section in proportions and I am painting some clevers that will roughly follow the line of the golden section within the composition. Its a painting of a Devon hedgerow, it is mainly hazel leaves, but I will add more species as I think its looking a little too sparse at present. Originally I had intended to have a pair of goldfinch in the hedge to contrast against the green background, but after a great deal of deliberating I chose a chiffchaff, so the whole thing is made up of tones of green.





The golden ratio on which the composition is based.



Below I have put on some of the illustration work I have been working on recently.


These are a series of murals for 7 Sisters Country Park, drawn digitally on the computer they are to be printed on to 6ft panels.



Below are some hand painted ID images for the Axe Estuary Wetllands.



This is a panel I am working on for a community project, still work in progress.



I have been working with Norfolk Wildlife Trust on various projects, below are some images I have produced for them.




Below is part of an illustration which is going to be made into a carved wooden panel.



I am also in the early stages of a commission for China of a deer, which sounds quite an interesting job! and my hare drawing is going to be used on a new book coming out next year, will upload the cover when I get final confirmation.